Tuesday, September 21, 2004

An Absence of Valor

The Islamic terrorists did what they do best, two days in a row. They again beheaded innocent civilians who were bound, blindfolded and totally defenseless.

That’s quite a brave accomplishment. I can’t imagine how much courage it must take to slaughter unarmed prisoners who can’t see or touch you.

Since you’re such fierce, mighty warriors, tell me: Why do you hide in remote caves, dark rooms, and secret hideaways? Why do you cover your faces from identification? Why do you have to keep videotaping your atrocities? Do you need a record to prove to yourselves that yes, look at that, we really did it, guys, we butchered another American?

Please excuse so many questions from such an ignorant infidel. I’m having trouble following how these massacres are a great victory for you. You see, I’m accustomed to a much different type of warfare.

I’m used to seeing soldiers who stand and fight on open battlefields in the sunlight, fighters who look their enemies in the eye before they kill or fall.

You terrorists put on quite a blood-soaked show. Are we supposed to be frightened? If that was your aim, you’ve missed your mark with many Americans. Your brutality only proves to us that we are right to go after you, to root you out—to kill you now, before you kill us.

You’ve sickened us, you’ve outraged us, but you don’t scare us with your sub-human tactics. Your swaddled faces, your hidden rooms, your secret “army” all bear the mark of cowardice. If Allah is any god at all, he is more disgusted than any person could be at your mindless massacres.

Oh sure, you’re jihadists, ready to die for Allah. So why is it that you remain alive, deprived of paradise, always ready to murder again? I think I know why. It’s the same reason that shields your face in shadows and holds you in your hideaways.

You are unspeakable cowards. When your day comes to die, you will roar with fear like the inhuman beasts you truly are. The depth of your cruelty is directly proportional to your absence of valor.