Sunday, September 05, 2004

What's News?

Okay, I realize that Hurricane Frances needed some air time. It burned eight-plus minutes on the CBS Evening News. The possible capture of an Iraqi kingpin captured about half that length of time, as did the Muslim terrorist attack on a Russian school that resulted in the brutal deaths of so many children.

There was gushing coverage of Bill Clinton's heart troubles and his upcoming surgery, then a terse mention of President Bush's "missing records" from the National Guard that "may not be found." (I waited in vain for the theme from "Jaws" to play).

As for the upcoming national election, and President Bush's double-digit lead in the latest polls--What? Hello? Did you say something? Election? What election?

Kerry? Who? JOHN Kerry? Do you mean the guy who's running for president? The guy whose military records are being investigated at this moment by the U.S. Navy? Oh, no, sorry. CBS didn't mention him at all tonight. It was as though I was back in that Alternate Universe for a half hour.

So please tell me, Major Media, what constitutes news these days? From the looks of things on the evening news, just those things you'd like me to know and nothing more.