Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Making Sense

Readers who have visited my site before may remember that I have a young adult son. I recently reported that he was an undecided voter. I'm pleased to update that news. Last week, my son told me that he is going to vote for President Bush.

He still has some reservations about GW, but that's okay by me. If we can just get the president into a second term, we can try to work out all the bugs. You may wonder, what was the deciding factor in my son's decision? Quite logically, it was the War on Terror. I don't think he's the Lone Ranger in using that overriding issue as a discriminator. It will be interesting to see on Election Day just how many voters' decisions have turned on the shadows of 9/11.

An examination of John Kerry's 20-year Senate record speaks for itself, and it screams pacificism, retreat, and subjugation of our sovereignty to foreign powers. Now is not the time in United States history for that approach, if indeed such a time ever existed. After much consideration of the facts before him, my son came to the conclusion that President Bush simply makes more sense as the best leader to preserve our safety and our national security in the next four years.

What can I say about his decision? One thing's for sure: his momma didn't raise any fools.