Friday, July 22, 2005

Now We're Getting It

Unfortunately, this may be the only approach that will work. Striking back in no uncertain terms against senseless violence, as London police did on Friday, may be the only answer in the fight against worldwide terror.

I found this quote from the title article most interesting:

Muslim leaders expressed concern about Friday's shooting.

"I have just had one phone call saying, 'What if I was carrying a rucksack?' It's vital the police give a statement about what occurred and explain why the man was shot dead," Inayat Bunglawala, spokesman for the Muslim Council of Britain, said.

It's equally vital that the Muslim Council of Britain issue strong, frequent statements of support for their homeland--that would be Britain--and its efforts to crush Islamo-terrorism, including actions taken by police to protect innocent citizens from attack. In this case, that protection involved a shooting. And while the spokesman is "expressing concern," he might want to toss in a warning to all of the Muslim youth in Great Britain to think carefully before pursuing any bomb-related endeavors. Yes, that might be something the Muslim spokesman would want to be concerned about.

By virtue of this shooting incident, London may be leading the way to a worldwide wake-up call in dealing with brutal and merciless terrorist threats.

And today, Egypt has terrorist bombings to cope with. If worldwide terror events continue in this violent vein, it may not be too long before the honey glaze comes off that Gitmo chicken.