Thursday, August 11, 2005

Good News, For A Change

The Dept. of Defense carried a story on Kristen Maddox, as noted in my August 5 post. Now that some news wires are discovering her inspiring appeal, local newspapers such as the San Diego Union-Tribune are reporting her heartwarming human interest story.

This is the type of hopeful news that we Americans need to hear more often. In the midst of MSM's steady drumbeat of Bush-bashing, body counts, and doomsaying, we can all benefit from some good news.

A young person supporting her contemporaries in the U.S. military is very good news. It shows a depth of appreciation, understanding, and respect of our military forces that is sadly lacking among media elites.

You most likely won't see this on "tragedy TV," as Laura Ingraham colorfully describes MSM television. So read Kristen's story. I dare you not to be uplifted by her generosity, dedication, and enthusiasm in the most worthy cause of supporting our troops.