Thursday, September 08, 2005

Questions for An All-Wet Mayor

I have some questions for New Orleans foul-mouthed Mayor Nagin:

Why are you blaming the Federal government for your city's tragedy while fleets of New Orleans buses sit marinating in filthy hurricane water? (HT: Radioblogger)

Did it ever occur to you to evacuate your city's people away from danger? If it did occur to you, did you decide it was easier to leave them in the storm's path and then shift blame to the Feds?

Why was the mayor of NYC able to manage a sudden terrorist attack on 9/11 while you couldn't begin to manage a natural event that is common to your city and that gave you many days advance warning?

Why can't you accept responsibility for your shortcomings in this disaster?

And finally, why can't you keep a civil tongue in your head?

Just wondering.