Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Saturation Point

A bit more than a week ago, I had never heard of Harriet Miers. Today, I have grown more weary at the sight and sound of her name than at Hillary Clinton’s.

I can only recall one other personal name that burst upon the media with such immediate and intense saturation. That was Osama bin Laden, on 9/11. Not that I wish to compare these two individuals in any other way besides public overexposure.

I’m willing to wait for the hearings to listen to what the lady has to say. I’ve seen and heard more than enough of what everyone else and his constituent has to say. Probably the most amusing commentary I read came from James Dobson, who noted that she has “been a believer in Jesus Christ since the late 1970s” and that he “knows the person who led her to the Lord.”

How does that square with the fact that she "had a Catholic upbringing”? Who does Dobson think Catholics believe in? And if she needed to be “led to the Lord,” where does that leave the Catholics? Apparently, we’re outside the Lord’s sphere on the evangelical compass. We're a bunch of lost sheep, awaiting a good evangelical shepherd to herd us in the right direction.


Chief Justice Roberts was required to affirm the "wall of separation" between his identity as a practicing Catholic and his judicial persona. It will be interesting to see if, in the course of the hearings, Ms. Miers is also expected to differentiate so strongly between her religious faith and her judicial philosophy (whatever that may be).

As previously stated, I'm tired of the overkill coverage on her, and I’ll wait for the hearings and listen to the lady speak before drawing further conclusions. I may be Catholic, but I try to be a fair-minded one (see Matt 7:1).