Thursday, November 17, 2005

What Happens Next?

Just when you think it can't get any worse, it does.

"The U.S. cannot accomplish anything further in Iraq militarily. It is time to bring them home," said Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania.

Okay, let's pretend Mr. Murtha gets his wish. Tomorrow, all U.S. troops are on their way home to baseball and apple pie. What happens next?

Here's my theory:

Within hours, Iraq is thrown into panic, chaos, and civil war, with no protection from the invasion of Al Qaeda and other radical Islamic militants. Men, women, children, entire families are slaughtered in the streets by the tens of thousands. The embryonic new government falls apart. The new Iraqi military is destroyed. Al-Zarqawi rushes to seize control and imprison the Iraqi people in a fundamental Muslim jihadist state.

And that's during the first week. Aren't we Americans just the reliable Big Brother? Do you wonder, as do I, if our so-called "leaders" ever give a moment's thought to our obligations to the Iraqi people?

What happens after Iraq's bloody debacle? Afghanistan falls back into the hands of the Islamo-terrorists in full alliance with the newly terrorist state of Iraq. There's now plenty of time and space for jihad against the Western infidels to grow exponentially. Life is good for Al-Qaeda.

Europe has immediate fallout, with France already weakened by constant Muslim rioting and neighboring countries starting to experience the same. Whatever allies the U.S. had, bereft of our leadership, will never trust or follow us again. They run home to hunker down for the coming terrorist invasions. The United States is finished as a "world leader."

Here at home, the terrorist cells already embedded among us in cozy condos and tract homes, laying low in fear of our government surveillance, are emboldened into action. Within months, there are various acts of violence that I can vividly imagine but don't care to enumerate here. With our cities and citizens under repeated attacks, our economy collapses. There are food shortages, utility outages, civil unrest. America is no longer a safe or happy place to be.

And what of the over 2,000 brave heroes who have sacrificed their life's blood to protect our home, our freedom, and our way of life? Our fallen troops have been dishonored by those self-obsessed "leaders" who feel inconvenienced before an election year by such untimely military deaths. Sorry, guys, it has become too much trouble, too much work, too much political effort, to fight the war through to victory. The next election is what really counts, fellas. Surely, you soldiers would understand us pulling out over your dead bodies.

That's my theory. Now, here is my question:

When the next American city lies crippled in smoking ruins, at whose feet do we lay the blame?Al-Qaeda's? Al-Zarqawi's? Or our very own?