Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The SCOTUS Follies

This morning, listening to the radio before leaving for work, I heard a sound clip from Sen. Ted Kennedy referring to "Judge Alee-o-to" and nearly aspirated my coffee.

Earth to Ted: You're on the Judiciary Committee, Senator. Get a grip on the guy's name, for starters.

As the hearings progressed during the day, I heard various MSM reports solemnly describing the "grilling" that Judge Alito was enduring from the distinguished senators. Then, on my way home tonight, I heard clips from Senators "Ah-Oh-Um" Biden and Feinstein (HT: HH). Although I had to laugh, I was more embarrassed for them than amused by them. No wonder our national reputation overseas could use some burnishing.

The Senior Balloon From Massachusetts, Slow Joe Biden, and Ding-a-ling Dianne. An all-star ensemble cast, unwittingly providing entertainment in the 2006 SCOTUS Follies.