Monday, July 03, 2006

How Would It Read Today?

I've linked the text of the Declaration of Independence. By today's standards, it's terribly incorrect, politically speaking. If it were drafted today, a lot would have to change before it was considered signature-worthy.

Here are just a few red alert words that popped out at me in a quick reading:

Nature's God
Divine Providence

What were the Founders thinking, incorporating such theological references in a public document? If only they could see how we've progressed in modern America, where any mention of the deity in the public domain is subject to deletion. Young people are forbidden to mention God in high school graduation speeches, Christmas manger scenes are outlawed, a time-honored memorial cross is ordered stripped from a hilltop to avoid the "establishment of religion"--this last despite 76% of voters pleading via the ballot box to keep the monument standing. Yes, this scrupulously non-theistic culture must be what our Founding Fathers had in mind.

I've only one comment regarding the difference between the "Spirit of 1776" and the lack of same in 2006: God help us.