Thursday, August 10, 2006

Reality Check

We are at war.

Many in the Western world do not want to face this brutal fact. But the news today made it very difficult to avoid the reality of the war that has been thrust upon us. We've been at war for nearly three decades, although we didn't realize it. And again, some, even after today, refuse to admit it.

But we are at war. The arguments about global warming, social programs, national health insurance, and gas prices are so much secondhand smoke within the hurricane of hate that envelops us. The Islamo-fascists want us dead. All of us. Men, women, and children. Grandparents and babies. Families traveling together on vacation. Nothing would delight our enemies more than to see thousands of decent, innocent Western infidels explode into sky dust.

Thoroughly evil murderers are obsessed with doing us mortal harm. It's time to stop playing warped mind games. There is no conspiracy by the government to kill our own citizens. This news was not timed to help Joe Lieberman (and if it was, wouldn't it have come out before the primary election?). This is not a stunt to kick off the Republican election campaigns.

Face facts. This is war, and there is nothing more real than war. War can't be won by playing pretend. It's time to put down the lattes, turn off the iPods, and come to a decision. We, as a nation, must choose between our illusions and our lives. We must decide if we will remain fragmented and thus vulnerable to the vicious enemy's relentless and cold-blooded onslaught against us, or if we will unite together to defeat them, regardless of how long and hard our fight to defend ourselves against these evil forces will be.

For me, that's an easy choice. How about you?