Friday, October 20, 2006

For the Birds

Carlos Beltran certainly picked a fine time to take a nap at the plate. Nice. If my late husband Pete had been watching the game last night, he would have turned the air blue with his commentary after that somnolent at-bat.

Well, Mets, you snooze, you lose, and now we're stuck watching the Cardinals and their dueling protruding tongues. Belliard has the Gene Simmons imitation down to a reflex, but Pujols was practicing air-tonguing while on base last night during his closeups. What a disgusting display. And I haven't even gotten to Spiezio's sorry strip of Halloween chin-fur. (We've got the World Series still ahead, I'm trying to pace myself.)

The saddest thing is that Endy Chavez' amazing catch was for naught. Ah, well, a Mets victory was not to be.

So it's on to Detroit. My favorite animal has always been the tiger. Time to turn the big cats loose on the dirty birds!