Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Return to Earth

It’s tough to come back to routine and reality after a two-week cruise to Hawaii. I’m in the process of returning to earth, and it’s slow going. Having been there once before, I know that no one ever really comes back completely from a Hawaiian vacation.

Add to that the fact that the only news I could get aboard the cruise ship was CNN, and you can understand why I’ve had to take a few days after returning to the mainland to recharge my neurons. Good grief, how can people watch that pap all day long? Nancy Pelosi talks about “draining the swamp” of the Republican Congress, but I needed a few days to drain my brain of the toxins from the nonsensical garbage that was pumped in for fifteen days. Presenting a different perspective is one thing; flagrant attempted brainwashing is another thing altogether.

Where to begin describing the lopsided leftist coverage? Working backwards, let’s begin with the commentary on Pope Benedict’s decision to reinforce the Catholic Church’s stand on celibacy. The snide grins and condescending headshakes were beyond editorial, reaching into the nether realm of nasty. I don’t see any CNN reporters criticizing Islam because it won’t budge an inch on its central tenets. Why is the Catholic Church considered so hopelessly backwards when it reaffirms its own principles?

The O.J. debacle got huge and constant airplay. I don’t want to waste more than one sentence on that abortion of a “news” story.

And poor Ed Bradley! You’d think he was the first journalist ever to die. CNN coverage was non-stop and round the clock. Over several days following that sad event, each time I flipped on the set, there was a screen-sized picture of Bradley, with the caption “Ed Bradley’s Shocking Death.” Now, I’m sorry, but if you’re 65 years old and are suffering from a lethal disease, death is hardly a “shocking” outcome. CNN’s sensationalizing of Bradley’s death continued past the point of maudlin.

Of course, the elections made them all giddy. CNN smiles universally were ear-to-ear on Election Day and the days after. It remains to be seen if they can keep them there based on the Congressional majority’s performance in ’07.

As to my own reaction to the elections, I was disappointed, certainly. But, I am hopeful that this outcome will jar the Republicans into an action plan. The Republicans wasted their years of majority by accomplishing too little and abusing too much. Now the Democrats have won center stage, and they will have to begin putting up and start shutting up.

When you have a two-house majority, “It’s Bush’s fault” simply won’t cut it as a platform any longer. The people have spoken, and it seems to me the country is in the mood for results, not talk. The whiners and blamers must now step up and become the doers and achievers. Based on what I’ve seen so far, good luck with that. In any event, it’s going to be very interesting. Perhaps even entertaining, if CNN is doing the “reporting.”