Monday, December 11, 2006

Empty Suits Talking

My goodness, who's that wagging his slimy, Oil-For-Food scandal-stained finger at the good ol' USA? Why, it's Kofi Annan on his way out the door--imagine that! And without so much as a "thanks for the freebies" or a "sorry I didn't get jack squat accomplished in ten years."

There the pompous windbag stood, solemnly lecturing us on all our terrible shortcomings--and from the Truman library, no less. "Give 'em Hell Harry" is doing backflips in his grave. And if HT were here, he certainly would--give Annan hell, that is.

According to Kofi, we are making other nations "troubled and confused" by our actions. He scolds that "no nation can make itself secure by seeking supremacy over all others." Go tell that on the mountain, to President I'm-In-A-Jihad over in Iran, and see how long your head's attached to your neck. Personally, I'd much rather be confused than decapitated. I guess Kofi would, too, which is why he's badgering and insulting the United States instead of Middle East fascist dictators.

I was half expecting to see Jimmy Carter follow Annan to the podium, as anchorman for this slugfest on America. But Carter's been very busy slamming Israel these days, no doubt he was already booked for some PLO fundraiser. Maybe Jimmy and Kofi can team up, now that Kofi is free from the pressing burden of stuffing his pockets while ineffectually observing international screw-ups.

Carter & Annan. (It sounds like a bad law firm.) They could start a traveling speaker series about those constant troublemakers, the USA and Israel. There's certainly a built in audience. My suggested title for their speaking tour is: "The World's Two Most Dangerous Free Countries and Why They Must Be Stopped."

It sounds exactly like something both men would love to come right out and say. But then, that would take courage.