Friday, January 19, 2007

Do Not Dishonor Them

I simply can not listen to Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, to Barbara Boxer or Ted Kennedy, to Olympia Snow or Chuck Hagel. It's bad for my health. My blood pressure rises, my heart palpitates, I hyperventilate and get extremely angry.

How dare they undermine the morale of our troops fighting in the Middle East, for their own selfish political gain? Our young heroes have fought, and bled, and died, and are rewarded with the pathetic sheep and jackasses in Congress bleating and braying against their mission and insisting they will never succeed. It is beyond disgraceful.

The troops of our volunteer military understand and accept their mission in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thank God for that and for them. God bless and keep each one of them, and may we all beg their forgiveness for the self-centered circus playing out in Washington while the best of our nation stands watch with their very lives, guarding our freedom.

We can never, ever repay our service men and women for their sacrifices on our behalf. The very least we should do is honor and respect them.