Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Warming to the Topic

According to Ellen Goodman, if I don't accept the reality of global warming, I'm tantamount to a Holocaust denier.

Wow. I didn't realize it was this serious! Evidently, since I'm not totally convinced of global warming as a manmade disaster, I'm a psychotic ignoramus. Or worse.

The Holocaust happened in the last century. We have all the documented proof that we need to verify the historical accuracy of that event. Only the likes of the anti-Jewish, Looney-Toon Iranian president deny the Holocaust. The Holocaust is a fact.

Global warming? There's certainly evidence for it, and there's also evidence that argues against it. Unlike accepting the factual reality of the Holocaust, I'm not sure I can draw a firm conclusion on global warming just yet. The industrial age has had some impact on our world, I've no doubt. But are humans actually causing global warming? That is a bigger question--the key word being question. I think our modern day hubris prevents us from accepting that some things are beyond our control and understanding, and that not every little thing we humans do is earthshaking in its significance.

Are we perhaps in a natural cycle of climate change that is part of a much larger scientific picture of which we are unaware? Is it possible that we humans, including even the Great and Powerful Al Gore, don't have all the answers?

UPDATE: As usual, Mark Steyn's two cents is worth a million bucks.