Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cyber House Rules

I’ve been avoiding the illegal immigration topic quite deliberately, because I’m afraid that if I start spouting I will lose my tenuous grasp on sanity.

Speaking of fragile sanity puts me in mind of an old movie, “Whatever Happened to John McCain?” Oh, no, wait—it was “Baby Jane.” The demented Bette Davis made more sense in that crazy flick than No-Brain McCain is making these days.

And no, feeble-minded Senators Trent Lott and Lindsey Graham, "talk radio" is not the problem. Screwed up senators are the problem. Why should the American citizenry allow you to sell us out with a travesty of a bill that would give OBL’s bloodthirsty buddies free access to our country? You’re furious that new media—which includes bloggers and talk radio—is making you accountable to the voters by instantly and widely disseminating the crap you’re trying to pull.

Game over. We’re millions of mouse clicks away from the good ol’ days, and you’d best deal with the fact that there’s no going back. The Senate can’t pull the curtains and jam a bill through in the dead of night, leaving the American public to learn the aftermath in the morning paper. There’s Ann Coulter (her June 13 piece, "No Drug Smuggler Left Behind," is GOLD), Michelle Malkin, National Review Online, Laura Ingraham, and Hugh Hewitt (who has actually read and understands every word and implication of the bill—no wonder Lott and Graham won’t go on his show) all splaying open your idiocy-in-progress for everyone to see and hear. It’s not a flattering portrayal, to put it mildly, so the ticked off senators are lashing out at the conservative base voters.

It’s a thoroughly stupid tactic, insulting the people who voted for you. Furthermore, it won’t work. The American voters don’t buy it. We don’t believe you, and we don’t trust you. If you made even one concession towards proving to us that you are serious about border security, we might give you a second chance to convince us about the bill. But that would take work, and it would also take some humility. Today’s Senate seems to be allergic to both.

So sputter and moan all you like, senators, but don’t try to tell us we’re bigots because we want our national borders to be secured. If we expect our country's laws to be enforced, don’t accuse us of being racists. We know we’re not, and we know you’re wrong. And lazy.

Instead of throwing tantrums attacking law abiding American citizens, try something novel. Try doing your jobs. Or is the position of U.S. senator now just one more of those “jobs Americans won’t do”?