Monday, December 31, 2007


January ~ To face my birthday with gratitude for all that has gone before and all that may lie ahead.

February ~ To remember that, no matter how cold and bleak they may be, winters always end.

March ~ To rejoice in the Creator's gift of new life.

April ~ To welcome the enduring light of springtime.

May ~ To do more of substance with longer days.

June ~ To enjoy and celebrate the coming of summer.

July ~ To be honored that my children's independent lives are a validation of the lessons they have learned from their parents.

August ~ To laugh and dance at my son's wedding.

September ~ To anticipate a happy season of holiday fun.

October ~ To do more on behalf of our troops overseas.

November ~ To cast my vote for worthy leaders and good causes.

December ~ To look back in thankfulness at the wisdom another year of living offers to each of us.