Tuesday, April 08, 2008

General Update

I do believe it is worth it.

If you're hoping to find some intelligent analysis of what Gen. Petraeus had to say before Congress today, this link will help you get there. Victor Davis Hanson was interviewed by Hugh Hewitt on radio this afternoon, and the transcript of their conversation provides the logic and perspective you won't find on television's evening news.

When Ted Kennedy rants that Americans "see" a different Iraq than President Bush, he's telling the literal truth. MSM won't deliver the good news from the battlefield; they showcase only unending bad news. This is why my news sources are comprised, for the most part, of talk radio and internet news outlets, in addition to my daily hometown newspaper--which has slipped blatantly to the left in recent years. Television news shows make only rare appearances on my news schedule; twice a week is about my limit.

When I listen to or read a full transcript of what was actually said in the Congressional hearings on Iraq, it is easy to pick out exactly which phrases the MSM will blare in its headlines and story leads.

As for Gen. Petraeus and his courteous demeanor, how he manages to keep his classy cool is beyond understanding. The man deserves "the bronze microphone" for composure above and beyond the call of duty while answering jackasses.