Sunday, November 15, 2009

Docs 4 Patient Care

If you think all doctors believe healthcare reform as currently presented is a good idea, you should drop by the Docs 4 Patient Care website, linked here.

Below are the "20 Big Lies" listed on the homepage. The thought of this monstrosity passing the Senate is enough to make any healthy American sick.


  1. You can keep your insurance if you like it.

  2. You can keep your doctor if you wish.

  3. US healthcare ranks near the bottom of the industrialized world.

  4. Major cause of bankruptcies is related to medical expenses.

  5. 14,000 people per day are dying due to lack of medical insurance.

  6. Most doctors support Obamacare as endorsed by organized medicine (AMA).

  7. Senior citizens will not lose any Medicare benefits.

  8. Insurance premiums will be reduced for most Americans.

  9. This plan will only result in tax increases for the super wealthy.

  10. Proposed HC bills are budget "neutral" and will not add to the federal deficit.

  11. There are only 2 choices: the current system or Obamacare.

  12. The Republicans say NO because they lack and alternative plan.

  13. The public "strongly" supports Obamacare and public option.

  14. There will not be any rationing in healthcare.

  15. The government will not interfere between you and your doctor.

  16. Most doctors oppose HCR legislation so they can preserve their income.

  17. This is a "crisis" situation and needs to be passed into law immediately.

  18. A public option will increase competition and not result in a single payer system.

  19. Members of Congress will be subject to the same healthcare as the general public.

  20. Contents of the bill will be available to read at least 72 hours prior to a vote.