Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Uncommon Sense

"The best chance America has in retaining its greatness, let alone its exceptionalism, is to understand the Left. And the Left's explanations for what makes a Faisal Shahzad or a Maj. Hasan seek to slaughter Americans are key to understanding the Left."
~ Dennis Prager

Here's a link to some urgently needed plain talk from radio host Dennis Prager regarding our radical Islamic enemies and their sympathetic portrayal in MSM. Prager also notes the media's demonization of peaceful American citizens participating in the "Tea Parties," including the effort to implicate them in the Times Square bomb.

For readers who don't know Prager, he's a well-informed intellect whose oft-repeated mantra is, "clarity is more important than agreement."

This link will take you to Prager's homepage. If you take the time read and/or listen, I think you'll agree he's worth getting to know.