Sunday, February 20, 2011

Educational Wasteland

"I get paid whether you learn or not."
- American teacher, quoted by a former student, in Waiting for Superman

The current government workers' stand-off with the Wisconsin governor over entitlements provides a timely background story for a viewing of Waiting for Superman, the award-winning documentary about the sorry state of our nation's public schools.

Michelle Rhee, former chancellor of Washington D.C. schools--which are, ironically, the worst in the nation--puts it best. She remarks that the teachers' unions are "all about protecting the adults." In the unions' calculated war to protect teacher tenure and taxpayer-funded pensions and healthcare, it's the children, especially poor ones, who are left out of the equation.

If you care about education in America, watch this film. It will make you angry, break your heart, and offer a ray of hope at the end. Waiting for Superman is a movie every parent should see.