Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So's Your Great Grandfather

So, now Obama is Irish? C’mon.

Evidently there's a great-great-great grandfather in the mix who came from Ireland during the potato famine. Two centuries back--that's quite a connection. Should be worth some Irish-American least the stupid ones. Having had grandparents from Ireland--that I actually knew--gives me a pass to say that. But alas, a stupid vote is still a vote.

Is there no worldly place safe from his eternal trolling for a hereditary constituency? In addition to Ireland, our cosmopolitan president has familial claims to England, Wales, Germany, Kenya, and Indonesia. In the U.S., he has lived in Hawaii, California, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, and now Washington D.C.

But, Irish? The UK’s The Telegraph has a hilarious piece about it, linked here.

I have a silly question. What would the media be doing if George W. Bush had stopped off for a pint at his “ancestral home” in Ireland, then winged his way over to Britain for tea at the palace, all while the U.S. Midwest was under devastating siege from deadly tornados? Somehow, I don’t think a photo op of him on the phone, agonizing to Missouri’s governor with “thoughts and prayers,” would have bought him much slack. The news coverage about the negligent globetrotting president would have been brutal.

But Obama? O’course, 'tis a different tale! He’s MSM’s lad. No matter what country he says he’s from, sure and they’ll be protectin’ him.