Friday, June 22, 2012

Fortnight for Freedom

I heard about the Fortnight for Freedom on the radio yesterday, the day it launched. It will conclude on Independence Day, July 4th.

The Fortnight for Freedom is a nationwide effort of prayer for protection of our God-given, First Amendment right to religious liberty. It's not "freedom of worship," a distinction that has so slyly been slipped into political jargon in recent months. Catholics, and many other Christians, are praying for God's protection of Freedom of religion.

There is a significant difference. Worship is private and personal to the individual. Religion is public and all-encompassing to the entire congregation of faithful. And those in government who want to limit religious liberty know this full well.

Think about it. A president waits until the eleventh hour of the "Fast and Furious" investigation to invoke Executive Privilege. He does it because he thinks he can.

The same president states several times over many years that he does not have the power to usurp the country's laws regarding illegal immigrants, then he reverses that stand and does it. He does it because he thinks he can.

The same president issued the HHS mandate ordering Catholic institutions to provide contraception, abortion and sterilization coverage in violation of the doctrines of the Catholic Church. He does it because he thinks he can. This man answers to no one, not even God. Going forward, little peasants, the free exercise of religion will be at the king's pleasure. Get used to it.

It says somewhere in that good book known as the Bible that pride and arrogance precede a tumble. The Fortnight for Freedom may reach well beyond the Fourth of July. Perhaps even to Election Day.