Sunday, October 06, 2013

The Spirit of Miramar

Photo: Gretel C. Kovatch, San Diego U-T
The annual Miramar Air Show was canceled on Thursday--one day before show time. Another executive order of epic stupidity and spite from our kingly Commander-in-Chief.

It's difficult to explain what a big deal the air show is to the San Diego area. People wait all year for it, invite out-of-town guests to visit for it, plan parties around it, spend a full weekend enjoying it. It brings multitudes of visitors and hefty revenues to the City, along with an impressive education in our military defenses.

This year, a New York City fire truck that responded to the September 11, 2001 attacks would have been one of the exhibits. What an enduring memory that would have been for attendees, especially the youngsters.

But we'll have none of that. No chills-inducing thrills of US strength and goodness. The White House chefs may keep working on the off-chance that the president feels like eating a grilled cheese sandwich at midnight. But a cherished annual tradition to honor our service men and women in one of America's most prominent military towns? Oh no, that must go.

As the many disappointed planners and suppliers packed up to leave, skywriters spelled out "Spirit of Miramar" across the blazing blue sky. I noticed a couple of other messages throughout Saturday afternoon, including "Tea Party Express" and, most notably, "We the People."

Better hurry up and finish that grilled cheese, Mr. President. I think your oft-touted "Change" definitely is coming, but not exactly the kind you had in mind.