Thursday, February 27, 2014

More Storms Gathering

"Putin’s mission is restoration. First, restore traditional Russian despotism....And then, having created iron-fisted “stability,” march."
~ Charles Krauthammer

I'm reading Winston Churchill's The Gathering Storm. It chronicles the mistakes the U.S. and Europe made in the post-World War I years that set the stage for the even more devastating World War II.

Given current geopolitical events, especially in Ukraine, the book is very eerie reading. The human race appears to be a slow learner with a short memory.

During President Reagan's administration, we heard much about "peace through strength." That seems so long ago. Today we had best be prepared for war through weakness. When the United States of America shrinks back from the world stage, as we have done under the Obama presidency, the global bullies are empowered to take their star turns.

What's the difference between Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Putin, anyway? Only about 70 years. We had better get ready for some more nasty international weather.