Thursday, May 01, 2014

Dying to Chat

I've never liked driving. Now, I hate it. The video in this link explains why.

Ever since texting became the preferred method of instant gratification, I've never seen the roads more dangerous or clogged with wrecked cars. Idiots who are texting while driving are turning every street into a death run. One of my friends had her new car T-boned two nights ago by a texter blowing through a red light--for the second time in two months. Thank God, she's okay--both times.

Just this morning, I saw a texter blow through a red light--in an intersection I was about to enter.

In the past two days, I've passed six multi-vehicle crashes on the freeway. One of them involved a car upside down and on fire. I can't prove texting was involved in any of the crashes I saw, but I'm willing to bet it was. During the five years of my current commute, I've never seen so many drivers watching their phones instead of the road, and I've never seen so much daily automotive carnage.

When I see drivers texting--and I do, often, every day--I do whatever I can to get as far away from them as possible. I think texting should be treated like a DUI. If you get caught, you get fined, go to jail, then rehab class, and lose your license for a year. That would be a good start.

And don't forget to be grateful you're still alive, jackass.