Thursday, August 07, 2014

Hail, Caesar?

At yesterday's press conference, President Obama was questioned about his power to grant work permits to illegal aliens. As is his custom, our supreme leader used 135 words to say "Yes."

JONATHAN KARL, ABC NEWS: Do you believe you have the power to grant work permits to those who are here illegally as some of your supporters have suggested? 
Photo: The View from the Island
PRESIDENT OBAMA: What I certainly believe in respect to immigration reform and I have said this in the past is that we have a broken system. It's under-resourced, and we have to make choices in terms of how we allocate personnel and resources. So if I'm going to, for example, send more immigration judges down to the border to process some of these unaccompanied children that have arrived at the border, then that's coming from some place else, and we're going to have to prioritize. That's well within our authority authorities and prosecutorial discretion. My preference would be an actual comprehensive immigration law, and we already have a bipartisan law that would solve a whole bunch of these problems. Until that happens, I'm going to have to make choices. That's what I was elected to do.

I am especially amused by the president's remarks about his "preference" and "choices" with regard to the constitutional process. Instead of lawful legislation, we now have his personal whims determining our national fate. To borrow one of our self-appointed monarch's favorite phrases, this country is in "a whole bunch" of trouble.