Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Absence of Reason

The television brawl on Bill Maher's "Real Time" show about a week ago, which has generated widespread media coverage, is a sight to behold. Actor Ben Affleck just about comes out of his skin when confronted with facts about the huge numbers of Islamists intent on harming anyone outside of their twisted belief system.

Reality can be a tough concept for a Hollywood celebrity to grasp, but Affleck doesn't even make an effort--and I'm not sure he is capable of that. His behavior is a classic display of an instantaneous, left-wing, emotional reaction to an argument he refuses even to hear, let alone to debate rationally.

"It's gross, it's racist!" Affleck flings the left's trump card out immediately when confronted with hard, irrefutable facts about radical Islam. How "racism" applies to a radicalized worldwide religion is beyond me, but of course in a leftist's eyes, I'm only a mentally incompetent conservative American.

Affleck goes on to remind us that we are "endowed by our forefathers with certain unalienable rights." Actually, Ben, read your script--the text says that we're endowed by our Creator with those rights. Our forefathers were just writing down the obvious. I know, I know...details, details. I've heard that's where the devil is.

Author Sam Harris has done his homework and is unfazed by Affleck's increasingly agitated histrionics. With Maher's support, Harris plows forward calmly and relentlessly, offering data points, percentages, polls, and other ugly pieces of authentic information about the truth of radical Islam.

In rapid order, Affleck goes from insisting that the jihadists are just "a few bad apples" to stating that "the majority of Muslims" don't support the Islamists' brutal tactics. Considering the fact that there are about 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, if even ten percent are against us and our foundational values of liberty, we're in very deep trouble. To borrow a phrase from our forefathers, that truth should be self-evident to thinking people (operative word being "thinking").

I thought poor Ben was going to need CPR by the end of the segment. As one of tinsel-town's elite, I'm sure he's not used to being contradicted very often--especially not by someone as well-informed and educated on this subject as Sam Harris. But Ben Affleck is merely the representative figurehead for what we are up against with all the politically correct left-wingers who refuse to condemn radical Islam for the evil that it is. Emotion, not reason, and heart, not mind, rule the left's "progressive" perspective. Logical discourse is not permitted. What this willful blindness will cost us as a nation unfortunately remains to be seen.