Friday, October 17, 2014

Weapons of Mass Obstruction

US Troops handling WMD in Iraq
Photo: New York Times
“I love it when I hear, ‘Oh there weren’t any chemical weapons in Iraq.' There were plenty.”
~ Jarrod L. Taylor, US Army

A lengthy but enlightening read about the realities of the Iraq invasion after 9/11/01 is linked here.

We now know that WMDs really were discovered in Iraq, but the alphabet media would rather go dark/silent than print/broadcast any of that fact. The New York Times actually published an in-depth article on the discovery of thousands of WMDs in Iraq, but quickly leaps over this highly significant revelation to focus on assigning blame to the Bush administration's "secrecy" surrounding the WMDs and the soldiers who handled them.

I doubt you'll see mention of this story many other places. There is truly no stopping the left-wingers when it comes to blaming George W. Bush, and they don't let facts get in their way.

Today, the mainstream media repeatedly prop up a failed president who has brought the nation to mortal danger on multiple fronts. Mr. Obama is not serious on the ISIS war; he's marking time with airstrikes, at least until the election--hopefully the enemy will cooperate with His Greatness and delay the mass beheadings in America until after November 4. The southern border is as open as the Mall of America, with ISIS members occasionally being apprehended entering the country. The Ebola virus has been flown all over the country, and now it looks like it's taken a cruise, too.

Can you imagine if President Bush had been presiding over this roll call of disasters? There would be a 24/7 loop of outraged coverage on every MSM outlet. But we can choose from a full menu of President Obama's "Katrina moments"and the media just steamrolls past each one and hopes we'll forget when the next catastrophe arrives--which never takes too many news cycles.

We have an obstructive, agenda-driven media and a completely unqualified president. The next 2+ years are going to be a long, hard, ugly slog for America.