Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Science of a Good Read

It's been awhile since I've mentioned one of my favorite conservatives, Mark Steyn. But with Pope Francis about to descend upon the country with his politically correct embrace of "climate change," this seems a good time to give a shout-out to Mark's newest book, "A Disgrace to the Profession."

If you've ever enjoyed a Mark Steyn volume before, you know you can anticipate a witty, articulate, well-researched skewering of global warming/climate change/environmental ideology. Mark has no patience either for the popular talking points on this subject or, as the title clearly proclaims, for the "scientists" who have suppressed objectivity in favor of political correctness.

Pope Francis, bless him, has left-wing leanings that move him directly into the path of climate change evangelism. To stay grounded in firm if unpopular reality, I recommend an eye-opening read of "A Disgrace to the Profession."