Sunday, March 05, 2017

Karma Trainwreck

Oops -- wrong way!
With the ongoing, exhausting drumbeat of Russian interference in last fall's presidential election, the media and the Democrats have been relentlessly working to diminish the Trump presidency into a burden the American public no longer wants to carry. Even Richard Nixon was not nearly so beseiged as Donald J. Trump.

But as the adage goes, "Be careful what you wish for..." Fighting back in a tweet-storm, President Trump accused former President Obama of "wire tapping" him. While the initial accusation was predictably treated by the elites as the ravings of a lunatic, something very interesting does appear to be afoot. And it now involves Obama as well as Trump.

Those who believe in the law of karma believe that both the good and the bad we do in life comes back to us--sometimes with startling rapidity. We have no way of knowing where this increasingly deep rabbit hole of accusations will lead. But I'm willing to hazard a guess that it won't be in a direction the Democrat machine had hoped.