Thursday, June 28, 2018

Consequential Choices

"Elections have consequences."

~ President Barack Obama, 2010

Image from FITSNews
Oh yes, President Obama was right about that. Elections certainly do have consequences. Obama went on to crow, "I won." Well, winning tables have a way of turning.

The Supreme Court was the driving force behind untold numbers of American voters deciding in favor of Donald Trump. With the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who in his three decades on the high court was an unpredictable and often upsetting swing vote, the appointment of the next justice assumes momentous import. As Marc Theissen wrote today, Trump voters "have just been vindicated."

Here's a link to President Donald Trump's list of 25 potential nominees for the U.S. Supreme Court. Trump first compiled the list as a presidential candidate in 2016, has added a few names since, and has stated that he will choose the next justice from among them. Speaking as one of 2016's innumerable "Supreme Court voters," I can say that I'm supremely content.