Monday, October 29, 2018

A Prayer for Pittsburgh

The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous
From Dr. Matthew Neal's Twitter
and his ears toward their cry.
The face of the Lord is against those who do evil,
to cut off the memory of them from the earth.
When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears
and delivers them out of all their troubles.
The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
and saves the crushed in spirit.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Pots vs. Kettles

  1. "It's not wrong to compare Trump's America to the Holocaust..." - The Washington Post
  2. Filmaker "Michael Moore compare Trump to Hitler in new documentary" - CNBC
  3. MSNBC’s "Joe Scarborough Details Hitler's History of Lying Before Slamming Donald Trump's 'Unbelievable' Lies" - Newsweek
  4. "Seven times the media compared Trump to Hitler" - Washington Examiner (Dec. 2016)
  5. "I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House." - Madonna
  6. "Push Trump off a Cliff" - Rosie O'Donnell

Shall I go on? Yet the loony-leftwing mainstream media and its elite acolytes cannot stop citing Donald Trump's "heated rhetoric" as the reason for political violence in the USA. After two years of being force fed continuous "news" commentary on what an unleashed monster the president is--despite his persistent and impressive list of achievements on behalf of American citizens--now we're supposed to believe that he's personally responsible for the crazed behavior of a lunatic in Florida who sent pipe bomb packages to prominent Democrats.

Can we please get real here? After two years of relentless bad-mouthing, undermining, and downplaying of his accomplishments, the media is in a reliably feverish frenzy to blame President Trump for any and all ills in the country. It's beyond pathetic.

Do I wish the president would put a brake on his Twitter feed? Yes, often I do. Would it be better if he avoided references to body-slamming and other pugnacious activities? Probably. But, as he reminded 60 Minutes recently, he's president and I'm not. He obviously knows things I don't. However, I do know when I hear a pot calling a kettle black. I think the left-wing media has some "heated rhetoric" of its own to deal with before pointing such self-assured fingers at the president.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Power Grab

Mob members at doors to Supreme Court
"Take it back." How very telling.

Not "win it back" or "earn it back." TAKE it back. As though the federal government is the political left's exclusive property. If you harbor any concerns about voters of opposing viewpoints having their fair say, as protected by both federal and individual state voting laws--well, piffle. What do those deplorable, gun-toting, bible-quoting idiots know, anyway? Besides, they're all racist, homophobic xenophobes, right? Just take it back. "It" belongs to the left.

This is where the left-wing snob-mob has dragged us, and they show little interest in disbanding until they have bludgeoned their way back into power. They lost the presidential election in 2016, they lost the Supreme Court this year, and they subsequently lost their collective, totalitarian-leaning minds. The perennial blue bubble refuses to burst. The left cannot accept our current political reality, and the rule of law be damned. We'll need to wait for Election Day to learn just how effective their unhinged hysteria has been--or not.

Take it back? What if the American voters decide not to give it back? I shudder to think what the radical left's reaction will be to another defeat at the ballot box. The way these overwrought sore losers have been rampaging, disrupted restaurant meals are going to be the very least of our worries.

And if they win? Well, the leftists never tire of warning us against a coming dictatorship. Their strident command to "take it back" sounds like we're well on the way.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Quality TV

Photo: Ed Miller
A few days ago I caught up with Amazon Prime Video's King Lear. There is such a plethora of junk cluttering the airwaves nowadays that it was a breath of fresh air to watch a quality production of a true classic. The stellar cast, lead by Anthony Hopkins as Lear, was outstanding.

Of course, I could watch Anthony Hopkins read the newspaper for an hour and be fascinated; he's just one of my favorite actors. But Emma Thompson, Emily Watson, and Florence Pugh are all captivating in their daughter roles, and the supporting players are excellent as well. Lear is a Shakespearean tragedy, so you know the final scene will be littered with dead bodies, as was the bard's treasured technique. But getting there is likely to hold your attention.

The play has been abridged in this production, so it moves swiftly and with lively action. Perhaps due to this compression, the story can get confusing at times, especially if you haven't read the play. In that case, it might be worth checking some online Cliffs notes--if for nothing else than to prepare you for the eye-gouging scene (truly gruesome, and worthy of any modern slasher movie). In addition to shortening the script, director Richard Eyre has set the action in modern Britain. I've seen this updating done with other Shakespearean plays and, to my surprise, have found that I enjoy the innovative approach.

People who claim to "not get" Shakespeare often don't realize that we quote him every day. In King Lear alone, you'll hear about coming full circle and putting the cart before the horse. All that modern relevancy aside, if you're a fan of great acting in a time-honored story, check out King Lear on Amazon. 'Tis worth watching.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

The Price of Justice

In a perverse, twisted way, the entire Kavanaugh debacle has served a positive and useful purpose. But the cost to the country, as well as to the judge and his family, has been horrific.
Image from Patch

Brett Kavanaugh has endured a grueling gauntlet few of us could withstand. His personal and professional good name and reputation, built through a lifetime of hard work, achievement, accomplishment, and public service, has been effectively destroyed by ruthless political and ideological enemies on the radical left. His parents, his wife and two daughters have suffered with him, and their lives, too, have been forever marked by this merciless

But throughout the brutal and filthy process of personal destruction, the left-wing ideologues have been exposed for what they are. They are devious, conscienceless liars who will stop at nothing to retain political power over the judicial branch of government. Their desperation is understandable; the radical left cannot achieve their totalitarian goals without the high courts. The majority of American voters do not support the left's radical agenda. Time and again, activist leftist judges have helped the radical left to accomplish its objectives.

I have seen this result of the leftists' relentless crusade firsthand, in my own state of California. The voters' majority decisions at the ballot box on such key issues as illegal immigration and gay marriage have been overturned by the courts if the left did not approve of the election results. Leftists love to cite our "democracy" as the reason to give them their own way, but they have no interest in true democracy. To leftists, there is only one acceptable way to think--their way. Disagree with them, and you will not only face their unfettered wrath--you will be deemed xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, evil, deplorable, inferior--stupid. They will seek to destroy you. This is indicative of authoritarianism, not democracy.  

The left-wing radical ideologues have no rules, no boundaries, no civility, no respect--no decency. If it is good for them, it is good--period. They will attack political opponents in public, screaming obscenities and threatening personal harm, to family members as well as the target individual. They are ruled by emotion and rage, not by reason or logic. This makes them extremely dangerous. America has seen this on full display in recent weeks, and the unseemly spectacle doesn't play well in Peoria. As a recent left-wing president was fond of stating, "This is not who we are." How ironic that Obama's words are now so descriptive of his own political philosophy and followers.

The Senate vote has been completed; Judge Kavanaugh has been confirmed as Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh by a margin of two votes. The US Constitution has prevailed, but Justice Kavanaugh will bear the burden of this hard-won victory for the rest of his life.