Monday, October 22, 2018

Power Grab

Mob members at doors to Supreme Court
"Take it back." How very telling.

Not "win it back" or "earn it back." TAKE it back. As though the federal government is the political left's exclusive property. If you harbor any concerns about voters of opposing viewpoints having their fair say, as protected by both federal and individual state voting laws--well, piffle. What do those deplorable, gun-toting, bible-quoting idiots know, anyway? Besides, they're all racist, homophobic xenophobes, right? Just take it back. "It" belongs to the left.

This is where the left-wing snob-mob has dragged us, and they show little interest in disbanding until they have bludgeoned their way back into power. They lost the presidential election in 2016, they lost the Supreme Court this year, and they subsequently lost their collective, totalitarian-leaning minds. The perennial blue bubble refuses to burst. The left cannot accept our current political reality, and the rule of law be damned. We'll need to wait for Election Day to learn just how effective their unhinged hysteria has been--or not.

Take it back? What if the American voters decide not to give it back? I shudder to think what the radical left's reaction will be to another defeat at the ballot box. The way these overwrought sore losers have been rampaging, disrupted restaurant meals are going to be the very least of our worries.

And if they win? Well, the leftists never tire of warning us against a coming dictatorship. Their strident command to "take it back" sounds like we're well on the way.