Saturday, October 06, 2018

The Price of Justice

In a perverse, twisted way, the entire Kavanaugh debacle has served a positive and useful purpose. But the cost to the country, as well as to the judge and his family, has been horrific.
Image from Patch

Brett Kavanaugh has endured a grueling gauntlet few of us could withstand. His personal and professional good name and reputation, built through a lifetime of hard work, achievement, accomplishment, and public service, has been effectively destroyed by ruthless political and ideological enemies on the radical left. His parents, his wife and two daughters have suffered with him, and their lives, too, have been forever marked by this merciless

But throughout the brutal and filthy process of personal destruction, the left-wing ideologues have been exposed for what they are. They are devious, conscienceless liars who will stop at nothing to retain political power over the judicial branch of government. Their desperation is understandable; the radical left cannot achieve their totalitarian goals without the high courts. The majority of American voters do not support the left's radical agenda. Time and again, activist leftist judges have helped the radical left to accomplish its objectives.

I have seen this result of the leftists' relentless crusade firsthand, in my own state of California. The voters' majority decisions at the ballot box on such key issues as illegal immigration and gay marriage have been overturned by the courts if the left did not approve of the election results. Leftists love to cite our "democracy" as the reason to give them their own way, but they have no interest in true democracy. To leftists, there is only one acceptable way to think--their way. Disagree with them, and you will not only face their unfettered wrath--you will be deemed xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, evil, deplorable, inferior--stupid. They will seek to destroy you. This is indicative of authoritarianism, not democracy.  

The left-wing radical ideologues have no rules, no boundaries, no civility, no respect--no decency. If it is good for them, it is good--period. They will attack political opponents in public, screaming obscenities and threatening personal harm, to family members as well as the target individual. They are ruled by emotion and rage, not by reason or logic. This makes them extremely dangerous. America has seen this on full display in recent weeks, and the unseemly spectacle doesn't play well in Peoria. As a recent left-wing president was fond of stating, "This is not who we are." How ironic that Obama's words are now so descriptive of his own political philosophy and followers.

The Senate vote has been completed; Judge Kavanaugh has been confirmed as Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh by a margin of two votes. The US Constitution has prevailed, but Justice Kavanaugh will bear the burden of this hard-won victory for the rest of his life.