Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Next Move

Sen. Chuck Schumer of NY stated that there was no reason for President Trump--and he is the president, sorry lefties--no reason for him to give the State of the Union speech because "the government is closed because of President Trump."

Really. Since when does "government" equate with "union"? The United States has fifty widely diverse, individual states, comprised of hundreds of millions of citizens who are interested in hearing what the president has to say about our nation's current status. And with all due respect and sympathy to those hundreds of thousands of federal workers who are missing their paychecks, most Americans don't even notice the shutdown. News flash to Schumer and friends: the failure of Congress to negotiate with President Trump, and their hatred of him, does not constitute a reason to muzzle the president, and "government" is not entitled to make that decision for citizens.

I'm looking forward to hearing President Trump's announcement today about the border. It's apparent that Sen. Schumer and Leader Pelosi still haven't figured out who they're dealing with in President Donald Trump, and it should be fun to watch the process unfold.