Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Miracles Among the Ashes

Perhaps someday I will get to see the rose windows of Notre Dame, after all. Remarkably, they are among many priceless works of art and treasured artifacts safe after yesterday's inferno in Notre Dame cathedral.

The storied crown of thorns was rescued. The life-size marble statue of Mary and the infant Jesus stands unscathed. The golden cross above the high altar, the centuries-old grand organ, and the tunic of St. Louis all remain. Think about that--a piece of cloth almost 800 years old survived the conflagration.

Paris's mayor reported that firefighters and their chaplain formed "a human chain" to rescue as many treasures of art and history as they possibly could, risking their lives in the process. They also saved the structure itself, which was within minutes of collapse, The courageous firefighters of Paris are among the many miracles to be found among the ashes of Notre Dame. Merci beaucoup.