Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Worshipping Spin

Catholic World News
Nobody can call nonsense on the media's avoidance of mentioning Christians in the Easter Sunday massacre in Sri Lanka's Catholic churches like Mark Steyn can. His "Taqiyya for Easter" piece is suitable for framing.

"Easter worshippers," really? That's quite a neutral spin, latched onto and tweeted by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I don't know any "Easter worshippers." Who worships a day of the year? I do know that scores of Catholic Christians died in those churches, including many children who were about to receive their first communion.

Communion. That would be the Holy Eucharist, one of the Seven Sacraments, which Catholics believe is the actual body of Jesus Christ. Now that would be kind of hard for an "Easter worshipper" to swallow, don't you think?

When a mosque is attacked--which, to be clear, is a terrible crime--nobody describes the dead victims as "Ramadan worshippers." You could get quite intoxicated playing a drinking game in which you must take a sip every time the words "Islamic," "Islam," or "Muslim" are repeated in news reports. The Islamic angle is hammered for days, on air and in print. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will very quickly specify "Muslims" in their tweets when a mosque is attacked. But Catholic victims? Christians? Either term is unmentionable. Listening to the media coverage of Sri Lanka, one would think the victims all had the bad luck to simply wander into those particular buildings on Easter Sunday morning to, um, you know, kind of worship.

Steyn's take on the "ten paragraphs of general throat-clearing" by the media is a must-read for anyone who is as disgusted as I am with their tortured attempts to completely ignore the fact that Catholic people, Christians, were the direct targets of this atrocity executed by Islamic terrorists.