Monday, July 01, 2019

A Thankless Job

A couple of posts back, I commented on how President Trump can never do anything correctly as far as Democrats, the legacy media, and various other elites are concerned. He is bad news no matter what he does, and reactions from the left to his response to Iran and his overtures to North Korea are further proof that Trump can't win.

In the Iran situation, he called off an air strike minutes before it began because he decided that the human cost was too great. The president thought that one hundred and fifty dead Iranians was not "proportional" to what Tucker Carlson of Fox News called "a broken robot." So much for the warmongering, wild-eyed maniac in the White House that is "temperamentally unfit" to be president.

Of course, now the chorus of critics claims he's indecisive, he's playing a dangerous game, he's giving mixed signals. Call me crazy, but I find the signal very clear--if you kill Americans, Iran, the next time will be different. But then, nobody asked me.

With North Korea, this president is breaking ground that was unfathomable even three years ago. We don't know if it's going to pay off, but there have been remarkable strides. Trump got them to the bargaining table; North and South Korea leaders are now talking to each other; and this past weekend, Donald Trump became the first sitting American president to step foot in North Korea. I find the newly minted breaks in the North Korean logjam under this president to be especially impressive. Democrats and media talking heads are not impressed, though. Because he actually seems to be making measurable progress with North Korea, the verdict from the lefties is in: Trump admires authoritarian dictators.

It's all very wearying. It must take a great deal of energy to constantly recast every presidential action as a doomsday event. It's time and energy that could be better spent getting the country back on track with infrastructure bills, a decent budget, immigration and healthcare reforms, focus on the opioid crisis, among other national priorities.

But listen to me, wishing that politicians would actually do their jobs. It's like waiting for the Democrats and/or the media to say "good job" to the president.