Sunday, August 15, 2004

Don't Look Back

Okay, I've done it. After thinking about it, agonizing about it, for weeks and months, I've started a blog.

Why? It's a good question. I'm doing this because I want to live to see my grandkids. I'd also like to know that my kids may live to see their own grandkids. In today's world, that's not a goal to be taken for granted.Millions of terrorists want all of us dead. That is the simple, brutal truth. No amount of movies satirizing the President, or celebrities organizing rock tours to protest his policies, can change this terrible fact of our lives.

We have a President who is brave enough, principled enough, strong enough, to take a hard stand and stick to it. It's costly. American service men and women are dying because of it. But those among us who believe as I do, that this staggering price must be paid to preserve our nation's way of life, realize that this difficult course is the only path open to us.

We hear so much about what should have been done prior to 9/11, what could have been done, and what we should be doing better or differently now. This angst is futile, it wastes precious time and energy, and it distracts us from the job at hand. That job is to fight the terrorists now, by every means possible.That fight includes your vote. Who do you feel safer with as President? John Kerry, or George W. Bush? Which man can you trust to stand unwavering in the face of opposition, foreign and domestic? Which man has demonstrated this quality of unyielding resolution, time and time again, to your satisfaction?

The answer is clear. I'm voting for President Bush. And I decided to start this blog to tell as many people as possible.

Don't play politics with your children's lives. Vote for President Bush.