Sunday, April 18, 2021

Speaking for Many

The letter linked here, from a courageous father to his daughter's now-former school, is a masterpiece of passionate conviction and literary eloquence that should be read by every school parent in America. It clearly expresses what so many mothers and fathers across the country are thinking in this despotic time.

Bravo, Andrew Gutman. I hope your letter inspires other parents to speak out against the leftist totalitarian garbage that American children are being force fed; I hope it calls forth millions of similar voices that will fight back.

Friday, April 09, 2021

The Great Equalizer

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were married five days after my parents' wedding in 1947. They spent more than seven decades together, a mind-boggling stretch of time. The Queen and Prince Philip seemed to truly enjoy each other's company. Theirs was a genuine friendship as well as a royal partnership.

Royalty are still people. Human beings have their flaws and failings, their struggles and triumphs, their highs and lows. The Queen and her Prince were really just another married couple facing all the challenges of life together, albeit in grandiose style. Their hopes and dreams, their disappointments and heartaches probably did not differ widely from those of any long-married couple.

Now, after all that time together, Queen Elizabeth must walk on alone. I've no doubt that she will do so, for as long as she can. But today, she is newly bereft; she is facing the grief and shock of losing her life's partner. But he was 99 years old, you may say; no matter. Speaking as one who knows, it is impossible for a spouse to prepare for this final event in a marriage.

Today, Elizabeth is simply another lonely widow who dearly yearns to have just a few more moments with her beloved husband. In that longing, we are peers.

Wedding Day ~ November 20, 1947

Diamond Jubilee ~ 2007

Monday, April 05, 2021

An Unforced Error

 Will Major League Baseball now end its engagement with nations that do not hold elections at all like China and Cuba? Will you end your lucrative financial relationship with Tencent, a company with deep ties to the Communist Party and actively helps the Chinese Government hunt down and silence political dissidents? Since Major League Baseball now appears eager to use its "platform" to demonstrate "unwavering support" for fundamental human rights, will you cease your relationship with the Chinese Government, which at this very moment is committing genocide against the Uyghurs Muslims in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR)?

MLB has gone woke; America's pastime has become un-American. They've caved to the radical Left and pulled the All Star Game and the MLB baseball draft from Atlanta in pathetic opposition to the Georgia State Legislature doing its job, mandated by the U.S. Constitution, to secure honest voting in their state. Unfortunately MLB will leave, in its woke wake, millions of baseball fans who refuse to go along for this tyrannical ride. That goes for Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines, too, who have joined with MLB in singing the left-wing chorus of  "voter suppression" in Georgia. (But not allowing elections at all in Cuba, and murdering people in China, seems to be just fine with MLB.)

These organizations may be about to discover that they've made a terrible mistake. People can be pushed around just so far before they punch back. Plenty of people are furious and ready to fight as best they can. I, for one, will do my part.

Baseball is a thing of the past for me, at least until this terrible wrong is set right. I will not spend a single cent on baseball. No tickets to games, no tee shirts, no ball caps--nothing, nada. And that's just for starters.

The many companies owned by Coca-Cola are linked here. Some of them are among my staple items and are quite a surprise to me. I won't be buying Minute Maid or Simply juices any longer. Dasani bottled water is the usual choice at my office for stocking the break room refrigerator. However, as luck would have it, I'm the one who places that order. Bye-bye, Dasani, and look out Crystal Geyser--there's a reliable, recurring large business order coming your way.

I don't recall ever flying Delta, although during 40 years of travel it's possible that I've taken one or two of their flights. What's not possible is that I will ever do so again.

Maybe MLB, Coca-Cola, and Delta don't care that millions of Americans are about to drop them like hot bricks. Perhaps they are all counting on China picking up the slack. Good luck with that, woke and cowardly corporate totalitarians. And goodbye.

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Thursday, April 01, 2021

America the Broken


I don't recognize my country anymore. There are so many reasons why I view it as broken, it's difficult to know where to start. Although I try to hope we are just going through a rough patch, I fear that perhaps we are beyond repair.

"Vaccine Passports" are a hot topic. But don't you dare mention Voter ID. Never mind that no one can buy so much as a glass of beer without showing official identification. Don't even consider that legitimate voting is the bedrock of our system of government. The very utterance of "Voter ID" is, wait for it--racist.

Then there is critical race theory. Although I've managed to miss this for sixty-plus years, apparently "White Supremacy" has been ripping the nation to shreds--along with white privilege and systemic racism. One musn't question how rampant all of these scourges are across the country, even if you've never participated in or witnessed them. I have yet to hear a cogent definition of any of these terms in relation to current events, but that's beside the point. If you object, challenge, or even raise a question about them, you are--racist.

I heard a Black radio host today ask the question, "Would we be where we are today if George Floyd hadn't resisted arrest?" He quickly added, "No, we can't ask that." To do so, even for a Black man, would be--racist. It would fit another recent crisis, "hate speech," and the Cancel Culture cops would come for him and his job. So much for the First Amendment.

"Big Tech," the wannabe Communist dictators, are a whole other story that I prefer to ignore. Readers may recall that, after the 2020 election, I shut down my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I'm here to tell you that leaving social media is not fatal. Furthermore, quality of life is much improved; I don't miss a nanosecond of the propaganda-spewing time-suckers.

Of course, we have the huge problem of the lying taxaholic in the White House. Biden makes me think of a Mad King George/Caligula hybrid. He's demented, destructive, and dangerous. He's also on an egomaniacal power trip, complete with autocratic leanings, beyond anything I've ever seen. If implemented, his "vision" for the country will take us down, hard. And on the immigration crisis, he is criminally insane. Open borders combined with a closed mind leads to a bleak future. I can now see myself living in a scene out of The Book of Eli as a very real possiblity.

How about the pronoun wars? That's one controversy I can settle quickly. I'm a female. My husband was a male. I have male and female children, grandchildren, and siblings. I had a female mother and a male father. Likewise for my grandmothers and grandfathers. There are males, and there are females--he and she, him and her. Anyone who doesn't like me using those descriptors can kiss my lily-white ankle.

Let's not forget the ongoing Covid restrictions--as if we could, right? When is the obnoxious little Dr. Ouchie, with his trusty double mask, going to go away and let us live our lives? Ever? Will we ever be "allowed" to have a conversation with someone less than six feet away? Will our children continue to be smothered by masks on airplanes indefinitely? Will they ever be "allowed" back in school full time?

My most pressing question is this: how long are the millions of grassroots Americans going to tolerate being abused, insulted, ordered around, condescended to, controlled and robbed of our freedoms? The answer, I believe, will play a large part in how--or if--our broken nation can heal.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Color Coded

I've mentioned this in years past, but there is a surefire method of discerning the race of shooting victims before any names or photos are released to the media.

If race is cited immediately, the victims are invariably people of color or minority groups. If you hear no mention of race, you can be assured that the victims are white people; the Boulder massacre is the latest example of the media skipping over skin color because it is so inconvenient to their America-is-racist talking point. 

If the shooting victims are police officers murdered by a person of color or a minority group, you'll hear very little hear about it before the media quickly moves on. It's a very easy code to crack, once you notice it. 

The Atlanta massacre was immediately linked to racial motivations, however incorrect theat conclusion may be. Racism is the favored media propaganda narrative. Dead Asian women support their agenda of painting America as "racist," so the racial angle is trumpeted at every opportunity. The victims become mere props in advancing the Left's agenda.

As for the Boulder tragedy, well, that's another story entirely. Although the parallels in the two stories are striking--lone psychotic gunmen, many innocent victims slaughtered in a location open to the public--the media coverage is completely different. Although the victims are white people, that fact is totally ignored by media in favor of the Left's pet agenda--gun control. Never let a crisis go to waste.

It's shameful that race enters into such tragedies. A person is a person, a loved one is a loved one, regardless of skin color. In tragedy, race does not matter. Each individual who is murdered leaves behind a family forever bereft by their loss. Grief, evil, and psychosis are color blind. How sad for our country that the media isn't.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

A Lenten Detour

I didn't mean for A Man At Arms to be my second Lent book. It just happened.

Steven Pressfield is one of my favorite authors. If you're a fan of historical fiction, as I am, his books are one-stop shopping. So when I heard him interviewed recently about his new book, naturally I wanted to add it to my reading list.

I bought the novel last Saturday, exactly one week ago. My plan was to save it for after Easter. The trouble, as I am well aware, is that I'm unable to buy a Pressfield novel and "save" it; I've got to start reading it immediately. I told myself I would just see how the first chapter unfolded before moving on to St. Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle, which was on deck as my second Lent book this year.

By the end of Chapter One of A Man At Arms, I knew St. Teresa would need to exercise her saintly patience with me. I swallowed the novel whole, reading it throughout the weekend. Monday started a work week, but I took advantage of Daylight Savings to keep reading after logging off my laptop each evening. I finished the book on Thursday, but I'm still thinking about it. It's the kind of story that leaves a mental and emotional residue that must be pondered and processed away.

I reassure myself that devouring the story of Telemon of Arcadia, a first century former Roman soldier--a mercenary--who becomes embroiled in a clandestine quest to smuggle one of St. Paul's letters from the Holy Land to Corinth, was a worthy Lenten endeavor. Perhaps it was; but I enjoyed the book far too much for any creditable sacrifice to be applicable. I'm now slogging through the lofty, mystical, challenging Interior Castle. Even as I struggle to comprehend and learn from St. Teresa's intricately imaginative descriptions of the human soul as a seven-chambered diamond, I'm wondering at which level Telemon would be.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Psalm 46, St. Patrick's Style

Prayer of St. Patrick, from Psalm 46:10

 And may the road rise up to meet you. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Covid Renegade

"If we do all this, if we do our part, if we do this together, by July the 4th, there's a good chance you, your families, and friends will be able to get together in your backyard or in your neighborhood and have a cookout and a barbeque and celebrate Independence Day..."

~ Joe Biden 

Don't look now, Joe, but there's a good percentage of Americans who have already been doing whatever we want to for quite some time now. With typical cluelessness, Biden thinks we're all hunkering down in our respective basements, waiting for a government high sign that all's clear. 

Since May 2020, I have been visiting my family on a regular basis. We don't wear masks when we're with each other. We've had barbeques, sleepovers, and holiday dinners together. Several times my grandkids have slept in the same bed with me, occasionally while they were nursing runny noses. I've flown round trip cross-country twice in the past year and am scheduled to do it again next month. Since mid-April 2020, I've been going into the office two days a week.

I've felt fine the entire time. By the way, I'm a senior citizen who hasn't been vaccinated. 

So to the government goons who think they run our lives--back up off us. Americans don't come with an owner's manual. Free we will be.

Saturday, March 06, 2021

Unpopular Opinions


As the US continues its rapid death spiral into totalitarianism, there is a lot of news being made--almost too much to absorb. As the lightning-fast headline changes blaze a dizzying trail across my internet homepage, I've had some definite reactions. A few of them are listed below.

  1. Thousands of National Guard troops would be more wisely deployed along our southern border than in almost-deserted Washington DC.
  2. It's doubtful the fencing, razor wire, and military troops will ever be gone from the police state formerly known as Washington DC--at least under a Democrat administration.
  3. If you don't like Dr. Seuss books, don't read or buy them. If other people do like them and want to buy them, leave them in peace.
  4. Unfortunately for the USA, China, Iran, and Russia are rejoicing that Biden is (kind of) in office. 
  5. Dr. Anthony Fauci is an alarmist bore worthy of zero attention.
  6. Octogenarians (including Fauci) are too old to be running the government. There are far too many of them currently in power. It's way past time for new blood.
  7. Schools nationwide should be open. Period.
  8. No one should give a flying flip about the completely irrelevant simpleton Harry and the conniving, manipulative Meghan.

That's just my deplorable, irredeemable--or is it now "Neanderthal"?-- two cents' worth for a Saturday morning. Enjoy the weekend, if possible.