Sunday, August 29, 2004

Moore's Mental Meltdown

Michael Moore needs to take some time off. As his most recent open letter to President Bush displays, he's been working way too hard converting every last speed bump in the Kerry campaign into direct results of President Bush's evil designs. The poor man (Moore, I mean, not Bush). He's got to be completely worn out with all this frustrated news content control.

Michael would benefit from a recitation of the Serenity Prayer. "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, (and here's the really hard part, for Michael), the wisdom to know the difference."

Here's my open letter to Michael Moore:

Mike, oh Mike. It's not the President's fault that hundreds of Swift boat veterans who served concurrently with Kerry are determined to clear their name of his slander against them. It's not the President's fault that Kerry doesn't have the stomach to face the press in a news conference that, if handled well, could end much of the noise. It's also not the fault of the President that people are watching the veterans' news story with interest, seeing Kerry's 1971 anti-war testimony, and hearing about his Senate voting record. Lastly, it is completely out of the President's control that people are taking all these completely legitimate factors under advisement as they consider their 2004 vote.

They are allowed to do that, aren't they, Michael? I mean, if they're not allowed to consider the facts before them--many of said facts from the Senator's own mouth, on tape--and make an independent decision as to what's best for America...well, then, Dude, Where's My Country?????

Accept the fact that John Kerry has pooped his own bed by gleefully bellowing "Bring it on!" with regard to Vietnam records. He's the one that made war service into a big magilla. Now that the big magilla has turned into a 900-lb. gorilla that he can't seem to shake off his back, Kerry wants to change the subject. His whining, threatening, outraged attacks upon fellow veterans who are his critics are most unseemly in a would-be president. President Bush repeatedly has been compared to Hitler in Leftie publications, and I haven't heard him complaining. I think he's probably too busy trying to keep Americans alive to worry much about the sticks and stones of the hysterical left wing.

Oh, but those are all facts, and facts--those "stubborn things," as John Adams called them--are things in which you've never demonstrated too much interest. As you so bluntly phrased it at the Academy Awards, we live in "fictional times"--as anyone who has seen "Farenheit 911" might agree.

So get some rest, Michael. And you would do well to learn that Serenity prayer by heart. Although you may be incredulous of this stubborn fact, you aren't always correct. And you aren't always successful in shoving your agenda onto the general public, either.

Let's hope that November 2 delivers you one of your well-deserved failures. I sincerely hope that Kerry's resounding defeat becomes one of the "things you can not change."