Thursday, September 09, 2004

Circus of the Day

Welcome to today's Major Media Circus--Imaginary Memos From the Left.

I happen to be enough of a fossil to have been typing in the early 1970s. There was no superscript function on any typewriter that I ever worked on, and I worked on plenty, both manual and electric.

If the CBS network thinks it can pass off that sorry excuse of a forgery on President Bush's National Guard documents, it will have to think again. And try to be a little more subtle and creative the next time you try to stuff garbage down the public's throat. In the words of the poet, "Less is more." Try to be less careless, less sloppy, less lazy, and certainly less arrogant.

Did you really think we were going to take your word for it? Have you honestly not figured out that both talk radio and the blogosphere are bursting with smart, savvy journalists, with millions of readers and listeners, who are not going swallow your trash anymore? Can you seriously be that dense, that unaware, that irrelevant?

It seems as though you are determined to lurch and stagger all the way to the November 2 finish line, flailing to prop up John Kerry with one lie after another. Will you always be shocked when the lies shatter under the laser beam scrutiny of new media? Or will you eventually get a clue that your tired tactics are doing more harm than good to your weakling candidate?

Time will tell. Meanwhile, those of us who are tuned in to the other side of the story will continue to enjoy a daily circus, courtesy of Old Media. I'd make popcorn and enjoy the show you're putting on, if only it didn't give me such heartburn and indigestion.

Memo to CBS: You blew it.