Friday, September 24, 2004

The Ladies' Man

I heard that one of the ubiquitous election polls this week noted that President Bush is pulling ahead of John Kerry with women voters.

People seem to be shocked, shocked that Bush could possibly pull ahead in this prized electoral demographic, a treasured Democrat stronghold. Kerry is the candidate of the pro-choicers, always a winning theme with the majority of politically (and sexually) active female voters. This sudden trend towards conservative country by the XX chromosome crowd seems stunning, on the surface.

But in fact, it’s not at all surprising that the President is showing a lead among women. Women have a natural proclivity for strong men, men who take a stand and are not afraid to defend it. Women are hardwired to love feeling protected, and they love it even better when they feel their children and families are protected.

John Kerry worries us. He says he’ll “respond” to an attack on the U.S. Does that mean we must wait for another 9/11, or perhaps an American version of Beslan—maybe in our own children’s school? No wife or mother will respond well to that prospect. We want to feel confident that the next president will take care of the terrorism business before it takes care of us or our loved ones.

(And besides, Kerry changes his mind way too often. Almost daily. Doesn’t traditional wisdom tell us that’s a woman’s prerogative?)

A man who says what he thinks, acts on what he says, and sticks by his word regardless of how tough the challenges become is going to be a difficult leader to resist during a global War on Terror. In George W. Bush, American women have discovered such a man.

What makes him even more attractive is, he doesn’t seem to care if we women prefer him or not. He’s going to do what he thinks is right no matter who does or doesn’t vote for him.

In my book, that’s one irresistible guy.