Thursday, September 16, 2004

Lighting a Candle

This week, the terrorists’ highly-favored car bombing technique was again applied to murder Iraqi civilians who wished to serve their country by joining the new national police force.

The terrorists, insistently termed “insurgents” by Major Media, are racking up quite a body count among the native Iraqis. Courageous Iraqi men, citizens who yearn for an independent homeland, continue to attempt to join the police force. But the terrorists do what they do best to ensure that such an ambitious reach for free statehood will be destroyed, and the brave young Iraqi men continue to die trying.

Critics who claim that American presence in Iraq is causing all the suffering simply aren’t paying attention.

It would be easy to allow the bad news to pull us down into depression. But there is some good news. I’m weary of finding the good news on page A24, if at all. So I thought I’d mention a foundation called Operation Iraqi Children .

Founded by actor Gary Sinise and“Seabiscuit” author Laura Hillenbrand , the organization sends donations of school supplies to Iraqi schools. To hear of such a worthy endeavor amidst so much death and destruction is a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine penetrating the fog of war.

When approached by a discouraged volunteer one day, who bemoaned the fact that she couldn’t help enough poor children, Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta very wisely advised the woman, “If you can help only one child, then help that one child.”

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Operation Iraqi Children helps to light young lives in Iraq through the opportunity of education, provided with caring and compassion. The children who benefit from this wonderful effort will grow into Iraqi citizens who understand the difference between disagreement and destruction and who would like their own children to attend school undisturbed.

When that day arrives, “insurgents” beware.