Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Unattainable

John Kerry is learning the hard way that money has its limitations.

Regardless of his personal wealth, he can’t purchase the silence of the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth . Their bestselling book and their website continue to do damage to Kerry, the extent of which will remain unknown until Election Day. However, Kerry will continue to slander and vilify these brave men who sacrificed so much for their country. Apparently, only John Kerry’s sacrifices in Vietnam count, at least to him.

Kerry’s money can’t prevent glimmers of good news of America’s progress in Iraq from breaking through via the ever-growing blogosphere. One doesn’t have to hunt very far online to find rational, well-researched support for the war from extremely intelligent, educated, logical, articulate sources. The next time you log onto “Google,” plug in the names Hugh Hewitt, Victor Davis Hanson, or Mark Steyn, to name just three of my favorite websites. Do a bit of reading and you’ll see why John Kerry, founder of Vietnam Veterans Against the War, is a man lost in the ghosts of an obsolete past.

His material riches can’t protect Kerry, or the U.S., from this conflict. The War on Terror will be long, as President Bush warned us it would be when we undertook this fight. War is bloody, it is painful, it is costly, it is difficult, it is tragic—and it is necessary to ensure our safety and survival. Money can’t change that fact.

Last winter, John Kerry fell off his snowboard and blamed a Secret Service agent. Big of him, wasn't it? Today, we heard him give a back-handed slap to our nation’s guest, the Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi, who was here to thank America for helping his country. Allawi addressed Congress to say that we are achieving our objectives, that Iraq is growing stronger against the terrorists. Kerry labeled that sincere act of gratitude and hope as nothing more than a political maneuver.

How gracious of you, John. You really did our nation proud with that snide, insulting remark. I’m embarrassed for you, since you don’t have the sense to be.

Keep in mind, Teresa Heinz Kerry spouts off at reporters to “shove it” and calls critics of her husband “scumbags.” Such elegant elocution for a prospective First Lady!

Money can buy so many things. John Kerry may have multiple mansions, a fleet of “family” SUVs, windsurfing, skiing, and snowboarding equipment, and as many trips to France as he pleases. But as his behavior and that of his wife proclaim, there’s one thing for sure money can’t buy.

Cash doesn’t buy class.