Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Enemy At Home

In today's San Diego Union-Tribune, there is a must-read commentary by the Army's LTC Tim Ryan, 1st Cavalry Division in Iraq. Please read every word of it. In this article, I learned for the first time of 200 beheaded bodies, supporters of the American Coalition, that were found inside the main mosque at Najif. Did you know that? No, I didn't think so. Strange how the media never mentioned that.

After you've completed this article, if you have any sense of fairness and even the slightest modicum of respect for our troops, you will be angry. Please channel the force of that emotion into productive use. Forward the link to Col. Ryan's essay to all your friends--especially those who are against the war.

On this historic day, when Iraqis have been given the chance to determine their own future government, we should honor and thank our troops. We should especially remember, with reverence and gratitude, our brave heroes who have fallen to bring us to this moment. May God bless and keep watch over our soldiers in harm's way.

And may I live to see mainstream media allow them the credit that is due them.