Monday, January 31, 2005

"Left" Behind

Is anyone surprised by the reaction of the left to the historic Iraqi election? Pardon my yawns, but haven't we heard all this drivel before? Nothing the U.S. implements will ever work, and everything we hope to achieve is impossible.

Nobody says it better than Mark Steyn, so I invite you to read his reaction to the insistence of the left that, despite the millions of Iraqis in the world who bravely and joyfully voted, this whole war thing has just gone so horribly wrong.

John Podhoretz takes the mean-spirited lefties to task in bluntly biting New York terms. If you have a strong stomach, you can take in the transcript of Kerry the Great's interview with Tim Russert at Radio Blogger.

So just what are you trying to say, oh sages of the left? You railed that the war would cost us unimaginable casualties, that Saddam's Republican Guard would crush our army, and that our troops would be slimed with WMDs.

You were wrong. While each individual loss of our soldiers is a tragedy to be mourned, every military person I ask says that our casualties are almost miraculously light. The Republican Guard scattered. The WMDs? Well, you act like President Bush made the whole thing up.

So after Baghdad fell, what did you say? You ranted that the June 30, 2004 date for handing over the government to the Iraqis would never work, it was too soon, it would fail.

You were wrong, again. The handover went through on schedule, it did not fail, and it is working so far.

So after June 30, what did you say? You raved against the January 30 elections. They would never work, it was too soon, it would fail.

You were wrong, yet again. The elections worked like wildfire, spreading throughout the Iraqi population worldwide. They were ready, they were courageous, and they made sure it happened on schedule.

Three strikes, and you're out. Out of touch, and out of time. Those ink-stained fingers the Iraqis waved at the cameras as they laughed and danced in the streets should tell you something. The left wing media picked the wrong team, bet everything on it, and refuses to admit defeat, even when it's as obvious as several million purple fingers pointed into your face.

To quote John Podhoretz: "Losers."