Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Education Online

If you aren't reading Victor Davis Hanson's website on a regular basis, you are not as well equipped as you could be to understand current events.

I'll bet a paycheck that you won't find a more valuable source of in-depth geopolitical history, accompanied by a laser-like analysis that interweaves all the threads in a common sense tapestry that defies argument. Read his website. It's free, and it will make you smart in spite of yourself.

Iraq the Model today posted a translation of the draft of the Iraqi Constitution, with commentary. Considering that two Iraqi brothers living in Baghdad write this blog, theirs is a crucial perspective to help keep us informed and aware of events in the war.

Froggy Ruminations brings the military mindset to the reader in a blog that can crackle with spicy wit or shoot bitter venom, depending upon the occasion. Froggy can also write with the raw soul of a warrior who has lost brothers-in-arms. When he does, the tears he prompts have the power to teach us to honor and respect the incalculable cost our troops have paid in the War on Terror.

One can never have too much knowledge. The trick is to know where to go to get good information. In my opinion, that place is no longer the major daily newspapers. The three tried-and-true internet sources cited above are, for me, a daily part of my continuing education.